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Single Farm Payment & Cross Compliance
We assist farmers mainly in Lincolnshire & Norfolk in the completion of their single farm payment either manually or on line. We review entitlement statements and deal with RLE transfers should they arise. Ensuring that growers are aware of their Cross compliance obligations are all part and parcel of the service. Cross compliance includes;
•    Reviewing the Soil Protection
•    Review Identifying soil issues
•    Deciding on measures to manage and protect soils
•    Assessing NVZ obligations
Waste management, Environment Agency Permitting
Most farmers are aware that they had until 15 May 2007 to comply with the new Agricultural Waste Regulations and to register for any waste exemptions. These are free and can be attained by completing an exemption pack. Since then many exemptions have disappeared to be replaced by full blown permits. As well as providing advice, support in applications, deployments for spreading waste to land, we provide on going support with reviews and quarterly returns to the EA.
Farm Business Management
Farming businesses are continually looking to evolve, improve performance and possibly diversify. RAA are helping clients compare their performance to others in the industry analyse costs, budget for the future, mitigate against input inflation and ensure that the engine room behind the business (production) is at optimum.
Rationalisation & Development
Whether a large estate or small farming business, we are well placed to advise on the future direction of the business. The directors/ partners key objectives are paramount in these discussions. Change is not necessarily driven solely by financial parameters.
Budgeting & Business Appraisal
RAA provides support for farmers in various forms. We host/ chair quarterly meetings, providing detailed budgets, gross margins, profit & loss and cash flow projections These are compared quarterly with actual expenditure. Once finalised with the client, our consultants monitor the actual versus budgeted levels of income and expenditure to ensure that performance targets are met. In addition we update sales projections for crops in store whether committed or not.
Labour and machinery Resources
Labour and machinery expenditure generally accounts for 70% of the farms fixed costs. As managers, we can exert influence over these resources. Our consultants have the experience to review labour and machinery resources, cost out the alternatives and review with the directors/ partners. We can calculate depreciation, propose capital replacement policies and advise on the appropriate method of funding.
Single Payment Scheme Advice
Our team assist clients in completing annual Single Payment Scheme applications and are trained to provide advice on all matters relating to the Scheme.
Business Distress/ Business Mediation
From time to time businesses may come under pressure from lenders, family members or investors. These may not necessarily be of a financial nature. RAA are here to assist, particularly from a neutral position, with the prime objective of listening and ensuring a mutually agreeable solution.
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