Environmental Services

The following is an indication of the relevance to:

  • Recycling waste to land. Both the waste and receiving field requires testing for nutrients and potentially toxic elements. This information is used in a waste benefit statement and is submitted to the Environment Agency for approval.
  • Redevelopment of redundant farm buildings for alternative or residential use usually requires a site investigation to assess potential contaminats before work can progress. RAA can provide a phase 1 / desk study, site investigation and if necessary, a remediation plan and follow up validation.
  • Permit applications. Increasingly the environment agency is requiring permits for non farming waste activities as opposed to exemptions. RAA can assist in navigating the application process and help put in place the recording systems required for the authorisation.

Development Land

  • Local and national government are encouraging the re development of brown field/ previously used sites for housing. RAA can provide sampling services, laboratory analysis, interpretation and report on results.

Water Testing

  • Water analysis is now routine for a range of purposes including agriculture, drainage boards, water companies, private water supply users. RAA can provide accredited analysis and interpretation of results.
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